BBC Treasures of the Indus 1of3 Pakistan Unveiled

by Adeel Bodla

2,351 views - 1 year ago

Sona Datta shows how Pakistan used to be the meeting point for many different faiths from around the world and has produced some

Travel To Hunza Valley - Northern Area Pakistan

by Beauty Of Pakistan

2,202 views - 9 months ago

The Hunza valley is a mountainous valley in the Gilgit–Baltistan region of Pakistan. The Hunza is situated at an elevation of around 2,500

Plane Crash Havalian PIA 661 Chitraal To islamabad

by Entertainment World

1,701 views - 1 month ago

R.I.P VIDEO ON YOU YUBE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d63RJSnQ9X0

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Fairy Meadows And Nanga Parbat

by Beauty Of Pakistan

1,838 views - 7 months ago

Fairy Meadows and Nanga Parbat, Gilgit-Baltistan. Watch in HD. (Video by Haseeb Saeed from Aerovision) P.S. The location you see in first

12 Hours In Lahore

by Beauty Of Pakistan

1,396 views - 10 months ago

Watch the real routine of Lahore,12 HRs in Lahore. Check out the heritage culture and inner lahore, actually Lahore is a heart of Punjab as

Beauty Of Gilgit-Baltistan

by Beauty Of Pakistan

993 views - 2 months ago

Gilgit-Baltistan is the northern most administrative territory of Pakistan. It borders Azad Kashmir to the south, the province of Khyber

Mahodand Lake

by Sherin Zada

771 views - 7 months ago

Mahodand Lake Swat Valley

Balochistan’s Coastal Belt In Gwadar

by Beauty Of Pakistan

620 views - 9 months ago

A trip to Navy installations along Balochistan’s coastal belt in Gwadar and Pasni. Check out the beautiful view of Gwadar and Pasni, you


by DeseneShukreUCOZRo15

494 views - 2 months ago


Azhar Ali Pakistan Cricket Team Captain celebrating Travel 2

by Travel2Pakistan

468 views - 9 months ago

Azhar Ali, Pakistan Cricket Team Captain is celebrating Travel 2 Pakistan Day on 4 May 2016 to promote tourism in Pakistan. What about you?

How to Move to Australia

by PakVideo Links

501 views - 8 months ago

How to Move to Australia.If you want to know more about Australia Or Australian Immigration visit this link: http://immigrationexperts.pk/

Northern Areas Of Pakistan

by Beauty Of Pakistan

528 views - 3 months ago

A few glimpses of Deosai Plains, Shangrilla resort, Rama lake, Rainbow Lake, Minimarg, Domel, Astore, KKH, Chilas, Babusar Pass and Lullusar

Amazing Nature Full HD TimeLapse From Test

by Lledmarius

337 views - 6 months ago

Amazing Nature Full HD From Test

Get Fair Skin in 7 Days|Natural Remedies|Women's health

by News and Fun

255 views - 9 months ago

Get Fair Skin in 7 Days -Natural Remedies. Here in This channel you will watch Train cartoons for children-Nursery rhymes for kids,kids

Immigration & Visa Experts On Rose Tv

by PakVideo Links

225 views - 8 months ago

Immigration & Visa Experts On Rose Tv.If you want to know more about Australian Immigration, visit this link:

Survival Tips From Bear Grylls (DATA WORLD)


222 views - 10 months ago

Survival Tips From Bear Grylls (DATA WORLD) This guy loves survival techniques. Showing the public his secrets. This stuff he learned

Teacher Has Student Arrested For Suspicious Science Project


186 views - 10 months ago

Teacher Has Student Arrested For Suspicious Science Project (DATA WORLD) This student was a victim of a hate crime .These bigots that got

Australian, Canadian, Austrian NewZealand, Denmark, Austrian

by asmanawaz

163 views - 7 months ago

Australian, Canadian, Austrian NewZealand, Denmark, Austrian immigration consultant in Pakistan immigrationexperts.pk

Camp Vietnam

by hethurasaf

180 views - 6 months ago

Looking for Camp in Vietnam, come with us to enjoy your summer holidays in South East Asia. Camp Vietnam is the best choice to have summer

Wedding Favours

by eliasbakke

127 views - 2 years ago

Stunning Wedding Favours from the UK’s favourite online sweetshop... http://www.wedding-sweets.co.uk/

Muslim Chinese Street Food Tour in Islamic China

by VideosNetwork

150 views - 2 months ago

Chinese Street Food Islam - Muslim Chinese Street Food - Street Food China I made my way to Lanzhou, in search of the best Chinese street

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