Tune Monetization Program

You may get into Tune.pk Partnership if your channel has 100 subscribers and 10,000 video views. You can request to active monetization of your channel and will get reviewed to make sure it follows Tune.pk monetization policies. However, It is equally important to follow Tune’s Community Guidelines, Terms of Service and DMCA policy to monetize your content.

Key Benefits

  • Minimum Payout $100
  • Instant $20 Bonus on signup for selected publishers
  • Exclusive Dedicated Support

In case of violation, Tune.pk may take some or all of the following actions:

  • Disabling ads from your content
  • Suspending your participation in the Tune.pk Partnership
  • Suspending or even terminating your Tune.pk channel

Revenue on embedded videos

Embedded videos may show In-stream and InVideo overlay ads. Any website or mobile app that embeds videos, including your own website or app, may generate revenue by redirecting your audience to your channel on our site.

However from Feb 01, 2020 revenue generated on Embedded player will be subjected to a review. Each website must get an approval and place our Ad Tags in Ads.txt in order to generate revenue through Embed player on their website. This method is required in order to display ads on your website despite being an embedded player. Please read About Ads.txt here. We encourage to bring more views on your videos directly on Tune’s websites in order to maintain higher RPM.

Our systems closely evaluate websites and their content against a variety of factors when determining whether to enable In-stream ads on Tune.pk embeds, including a strict set of guidelines on content like adult imagery, violence, inappropriate and hateful language, and sites that promote third party infringement.

Only Tune.pk and the video owner will earn revenue from ads on embedded videos; the site owner where the video is embedded will not earn a share.

Player details: We require that the video player be large enough in order to promote a positive user experience, therefore we recommend a 560x315 pixel or larger player. Also, videos should be embedded using the standard click-to-play embed and not a scripted play.