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    • Over 60 million monthly visitors

      Major traffic from Pakistan, United States, United Kingdom and Canada

    • More than 160 million monthly impressions

      We are the #1 video website in Pakistan

    • More than 80 million video views each month

      With 7.5 minutes average playback per user

    In Last 24 hours (These are realtime stats)


    Tune.pk appeals slightly more to men in comparison of women with Percentage of Approx 45.28% while the majority of visitors age group falls into 25~40 years of age. Each visitors spend around 15 minutes on our website.

    Male Audience
    Female Audience
    Average time duration
    15 minutes

    World Map

    Pakistan is amongst the top visiting country followed by United States, United Kingdom and Canada. Therefore, it becomes quite apparent that Tune.pk serves as a valuable investment platform for the retailers of an International country. With over 35% traffic from Tier 1 countries having an advertising spot on Tune.pk is worth definitely a shot!

    Products and Placements

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