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  • Content Policies and Guidelines

    We believe that video is the most ideal approach to capture every life’s best moments or memories and can easily share them with the whole world or a specific community. This is the reason we Tune.pk provides you the best video sharing platform where anyone can post his/her memories through making videos.

    By joining Tune.pk you become a tuner, where you can discover millions of videos or content you love from around the world: music entertainment, vines, news & politics debates, fashion, dramas and much more.

    When you use Tune.pk you might not like every video, so if you think content is inappropriate use the flagging system to submit it for a review by our moderation team members. Our team carefully reviews flagged content 24 hours a day to determine if there's an infringement of our Community Guidelines or not.

    Community Guidelines:

    1). Spam.

    Spam is a big violation of our community guidelines and we do not allow users to upload spam videos such as large amounts of untargeted, unwanted, or repetitive videos or comments. Any such activity can lead to your account permanently banned without prior notice.

    2). Misleading Metadata.

    Metadata refers to additional information about your video or content. It includes the title, description, tags and thumbnail and the perfect metadata optimizes your video’s visibility in search results. Adding misleading metadata can lead to the deactivation of your video.

    3). Nudity or Sexual Content.

    We have very restrict policies regarding explicit or sexual content and always discourage pornography videos on our site. Videos containing fetish content will be removed or age-restricted. If any user continuously upload sexual videos his/her content will be removed instantly and account would be terminate as well.

    4). Copyright.

    You are only allowed to upload those videos that belongs to you or you have authority to publish or distribute. This means you can not upload videos you didn’t make, or use content in your videos that someone else owns the copyright.

    If the owner/distributor claims any of video that you have uploaded without his/her permission our copyright department will take action on it and deactivate them under copyrights infringement grounds.

    5).  Violent or Hate Content.

    Every day, we strive to make Tune.pk the best video community around. So we does not allow anyone to post violent or gory content that's primarily intended to be shocking or sensational..

    6). Harmful Content.

    We don't support content that promotes violence against individuals or groups or ethnic origin, religion, gender, age, nationality etc.

    In dealing with such violation, we may terminate user accounts without any notice and we may report the content and its uploader to the relevant authorities.

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