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Google Pixel Slate Review

Techno Craft 2,623 Views · a year ago

Google Pixel Slate Review_ half-baked.mp4

Google Pixel Slate Hands-On

Techno Craft 11 Views · a year ago

Pixel Slate Hands-On_ Google’s promising take on detachables.mp4

Google Pixel XL Review

PrimitiveTechnology 103 Views · 3 years ago

The Pixel XL uses top-of-the-line specs to introduce Android 7.1 Nougat to the world. This VR-capable phone has a fast processor, smart AI software and a superb camera, all sandwiched into a funky des

Google Pixel Review

future world 5 Views · 3 years ago

Since its inception, the Pixel has always been a high-end brand. From the Chromebook Pixel, to the Pixel C, each iteration served to showcase what Google envisioned as the best hardware, and as a resu

Google Pixel Review

PrimitiveTechnology 0 Views · 3 years ago

With the Pixel, Google’s really offering shoppers a no-compromise handset that’s still small enough to fit comfortably in sub-giant hands. And with Android 7.1 Nougat and the Google Assist

Google Pixel XL Review

techrich 153 Views · 3 years ago

Lisa Gade reviews the Google Pixel XL, the larger of two Pixel phones released in the fall of 2016. The Pixel line replaces the Nexus line of Android smartphones that come direct from Google with the

Google Pixel review

PrimitiveTechnology 53 Views · 3 years ago

A breath of fresh Google air in a world of Android over-complication. The Google Pixel is an excellent flagship phone that’s only let down by mediocre battery life and the still-developing Assis

Google Pixel and Pixel XL: Review

future world 40 Views · 3 years ago

Everyone else making Android phones should be a little worried: http://engt.co/2dkWSOJ

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Google Pixel & Pixel XL Review

Tech Studio 38 Views · 3 years ago

The Nexus lineup is dead, but should we be sad about it? Not with the arrival of Pixel...

Google Pixel XL Initial Review

future world 6 Views · 3 years ago

Despite our short time thus far with the Google Pixel XL, Josh is here to bring you his initial thoughts on Google’s official flagship.

Google Pixel C Review

PrimitiveTechnology 48 Views · 4 years ago

Is the Google’s high-end Pixel C tablet any good?

Google Pixel and Pixel XL Review: The Best of Android?

techmaster 103 Views · 3 years ago

Is the Pixel a flagship worth considering? Find out in our Pixel Review!

Todd’s review and camera samples:

Google Pixel C Keyboard Unboxing and Review

Technopack 0 Views · 4 years ago

Google Pixel C Keyboard Unboxing and Review

Google Pixel XL Review: Two Months Later

techmaster 175 Views · 3 years ago

The Google Pixel XL is a smartphone that features incredible software, but subpar hardware. The question is whether or not hte software experience makes up for the lack of hardware related features. F

Google Pixel XL: First impressions & Review

PrimitiveTechnology 157 Views · 3 years ago

Google’s replacement for the Nexus aims more at consumers than developers. Getting the Pixel XL out of the box, has Google arrived at the perfect balance of hardware and software to convince consumers

Google Pixel XL Unboxing & Initial Review!

future world 59 Views · 3 years ago

Here’s unboxing of Google Pixel XL & my initial review on it.

Google Pixel Review: Best Android Smartphone!

techmaster 5 Views · 3 years ago

Google Pixel delivers an experience good enough to be my Top Android Phone of 2016!

Google Pixel XL Real Audio Review

techrich 0 Views · 3 years ago

When it was announced that HTC would be manufacturing Google’s newest phone, we smartphone audio snobs were all hoping we’d see (hear) the same great sound quality we’ve come to expe

Google Pixel C Folio Keyboard Unboxing and Review

Technopack 0 Views · 4 years ago

Google Pixel C Folio Keyboard Unboxing and Review

Google Pixel XL - Unboxing & Review (after 3+ weeks)!

future world 0 Views · 3 years ago

Google Pixel XL - Unboxing & Initial Review after 3+ weeks of use!

Amazing Performance & Camera! Stay tune for my Full In-Depth Review after a few more weeks of use!

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