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Chicken Malai Tikka Recipe

Hit Clips 307 Views · 5 months ago

This Malai Tikka recipe will never fail to impress you. Make it to believe it.

Shahi Rabri Recipe Eid Special Recipe

How To Cook 327 Views · 5 months ago

This super simple recipe for Shahi Rabri is the perfect dessert to round off any meal! Try it for yourself with a pack of Prema 1 litre! Definitely a must have item this Eid.

Malai Ladoo Recipe

Video Insider 2,601 Views · a year ago

-In bowl,add khoya and mix well until smooth & set aside.
-In non-stick wok,add cream and cook on low flame for 2 minutes.
-Add khoya and cook on low flame for 15 minutes or until i

Turkish Manti Recipe

How To Cook 959 Views · 4 months ago

Turkish Manti Recipe is a food you have to taste! The tiny homemade Turkish Manti filled with spicy beef mince, and served with a Yogurt Sauce and Butter Sauce to level up the taste.

Chicken Pizza Pie Recipe

Movie Trailers 417 Views · 5 months ago

Chicken Pizza Pie recipe is tried and tested that turned out one of the best recipe you will ever have. Try this scrumptious Chicken Pizza Pie Recipe

Jalfrezi Recipe Sizzling Kabab Jalfrezi Recipe

How To Cook 1,040 Views · 4 months ago

Jalfrezi Recipe: Sizzling Kabab Jalfrezi Recipe, a great notion to Jalfrezi for quick dinner. Try this Sizzling Kabab Jalfrezi Recipe at home and share your thoughts with us.

Chicken Broast Recipe

Hit Clips 1,393 Views · a year ago

Crispy and Tender Chciken Broast Recipe for a good lunch. Try out this Chicken Broast Recipe and let us know how do you like it.

Thadal full Recipe

How To Cook 137 Views · 5 months ago

Quench your thirst with this cool and refreshing summer drink.. Thadal is famous in upper Sindh but not easily available everywhere, so we gave it a go. Its a good way to make and store thadal concent

Vegetable Masala Recipe

Myipedia © 0 Views · 2 years ago

Vegetable Masala Recipe

Spicy churros Easy Recipe

Naureen Amber 0 Views · 3 years ago

Spicy churros Easy Recipe

amazing Chicken Chowmein recipe

Ambreen Latif 0 Views · 3 years ago

amazing Chicken Chowmein recipe

Mango Mousse Recipe

Naureen Amber 0 Views · 3 years ago

Mango Mousse Recipe

How to makeUltimate Breakfast Recipe

Ch-Rohaan 0 Views · 2 years ago

How to makeUltimate Breakfast Recipe

Dal Khichdi Recipe By SooperChef

foodporn 0 Views · 9 months ago

Dal Khichdi Recipe is a simple yet unique addition to your meal. Try out this spicy Dal Khichdi Recipe and tell us how is the experience.

Spicy Khichri
Khatta ingredients:
2-3 tbsp. Oil
1 medium


Video Insider 0 Views · 3 years ago

On a smaller scale I could see this being a fun thing to order at an Italian Restaurant as long as there aren’t any Italian’s working there. I think my mom approves though, so that’s

Chicken Grilled Burger Recipe

How To Cook 406 Views · 4 months ago

Chicken Grilled Burger :This delicious Chicken Grilled Burger is grilled to perfection and topped with everything that will keep you wanting more. Try out delicious Chicken Grilled Burger today and sh

Homemade Cherry Jam Recipe

How To Cook 73 Views · 5 months ago

Make the most of the cherry season. This homemade cherry jam recipe is just the thing you would want to make and store for your family.

Thread Chicken Recipe Ramzan Special Recipe

How To Cook 577 Views · 6 months ago

Thread Chicken Recipe a crunchy delight to try out this Ramzan. This Thread Chicken Recipe is easy and quick snack recipe for Ramzan Menu. Try this recipe and share your experience with us.

Italian Chicken Salad Recipe

How To Cook 89 Views · 2 months ago

Healthy Italian Chicken Salad Recipe for Dinner party as a starter. Surprisingly easy and full of nutrition and fiber Italian Chicken Salad Recipe Make it and Enjoy it.
#ItalianChickenSalad #EasyReci

Kabab Crust Pizza Recipe | Kabab Pizza Recipe

How To Cook 633 Views · 4 months ago

Kabab Crust Pizza Recipe one of the most lovable and unique Pizza Recipe. Add K&N’s Kafta Kabab and get a perfect Kabab Crust Pizza Recipe at home. Make it and Enjoy it.