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Game Shows in Pakistan: Then & Now

Centrum Media 7 days ago

Game shows are prime source of entertainment in Pakistan nowadays. Though the number of these shows is increasing, the quality has declined over the years.

Student Solidarity March.mp4

Centrum Media 7 days ago

Student Solidarity March.mp4

SSP Rao Anwar: The Encounter Specialist

Centrum Media 10 days ago

Initially gained fame for conducting anti-MQM operations, this Pakistani police officer made headlines for killing over 400 innocents in encounters.

Victims of Past, Abusers of Today

Centrum Media 14 days ago

While mental health is a stigma in Pakistan, here is a horrific tale of how victims turned into abusers when they didn’t receive adequate help at the right time.

Anti-Muslim Ceremony in Norway

Centrum Media 15 days ago

An anti-Muslim group in Norway organised ‘Burn a Quran’ day but soon the Muslim protestors intervened and stopped. Both the organisers and counter-protesters have been arrested by the pol

Stranded in their own Country

Centrum Media 17 days ago

Migrated from India in 1947, settled in West Pakistan after partition, refused to migrate to Bangladesh after 1971 war and now living in Pakistan without citizenship; here is the tale of Bihari refuge

Altaf Hussain Seeks Asylum

Centrum Media 17 days ago

The MQM chief, Altaf Hussain, requests India to grant him and his colleagues a place of refuge.

The Man Who Painted East Pakistan Red

Centrum Media 18 days ago

This general is held responsible for mass atrocities in East Pakistan but he termed the allegations as lies. Here is the tale of Maj Gen Roa Farman Ali during the turbulent times of 1971.

Missile Test.mp4

Centrum Media 19 days ago

Pak Army successfully conducted the launch of
Shaheen-1 which is capable of delivering warheads up to 650 km.

Hamza Ali Abbasi Is Leaving Showbiz

Centrum Media 21 days ago

Whether acting is prohibited in Islam or not, the announcement of Hamza Ali Abbasi leaving showbiz has started a new debate.

Why are hunters killing Pakistan’s national animal?

Centrum Media 22 days ago

Hunting endangered species has become a norm in Pakistan with foreign hunters paying thousands of dollars to participate in trophy hunting. In 2019, the government issued license for hunting of 4 Asto

Pakistan’s Victims of Pornography Ring

Centrum Media 23 days ago

The man running the pornography ring in Rawalpindi confessed of raping 30 children. While most of these crimes are discovered and investigated, most victims still await justice as the country lacks la

The Largest Military Operation in Balochistan

Centrum Media 24 days ago

Over 3,000 soldiers and more than 5,000 Baloch people died in Bhutto’s military operation in 1974, the mystery behind the behind the presence of arms caches in Iraqi embassy, Islamabad and it’s an all

Media: Islamic World United Against Western Propaganda

Centrum Media a month ago

The leaders of Pakistan, Turkey & Malaysia joined hands to counter Islamophobia by launching an Islamic channel. However, its effectiveness in the age of digital world is still a question.

Kartarpur Corridor: A Road to Peace

Centrum Media a month ago

Pakistan opened the Kartarpur corridor with the message of peace and love to India, Indian PM thanked Imran Khan for the gesture.

The Story of Guru Nanak

Centrum Media a month ago

It’s the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak, the first Sikh Guru who eventually became the founder of Sikhism. Here is his story of how he founded God.

Death Stranding: The Weirdest Game of 2019

Centrum Media a month ago

The creator of "Death Stranding" is known for his weird takes even when he doesn’t have full creative control. But with Death Stranding, he has gone far and beyond with his creativity and it

Publicity Stunts or Cyber Crime?

Centrum Media a month ago

While some call it a stunt to remain in the limelight, others term it as a punishable offense under PEAC. The mystery of who is behind the leaking of private videos is yet to be solved but it revealed

Lahore’s Air Quality

Centrum Media a month ago

While Lahore made it to the list of worst places according to the air quality index, the local government has closed down the schools to avoid any problems.

Women in Politics - A Journey of Struggle

Centrum Media a month ago

JUI-F made news when it announced to ban women from participating in their ‘Azadi March’. Here’s how women in other political parties face hardships to survive.