Galaxy Note 7 Review!

by Techrex

185 views - 2 year ago

After using it for a while, here is my full review of the Galaxy Note 7! I talk about the Note 7 battery exploding issue along with my

Suicide Note 2016

by kycole325

0 views - 8 Month ago

Suicide Note 2016

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Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Review

by Tech Studio

648 views - 2 year ago

Is the latest Xiaomi flagship just a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 clone, or does it have more to offer? We find out, in this comprehensive Xiaomi

Note 7: Your Questions Answered!

by Techrex

0 views - 2 year ago

You have questions, we have answers. If you’re thinking of purchasing a Galaxy Note 7, check this video out first. Read more on

Top Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Alternatives

by future world

252 views - 2 year ago

Sadly the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been discontinued due to battery flaws that can result in fire, and Samsung has requested that all 2.5

[Anime7u.NET] Death Note [HD] EP 07

by KinG ALP

139 views - 1 year ago

[Anime7u.NET] Death Note [HD] EP 07

[Animok] Hinako Note - 06 [480p]

by minato minato

0 views - 1 year ago

[Animok] Hinako Note - 06 [480p]

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 International Giveaway!

by Techrex

193 views - 2 year ago

Last Week’s Contest Page - http://goo.gl/TJW5ji Welcome back to the Sunday Giveaway! This week we’re giving away the newly

Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6s Plus

by umer Ibraheem

59 views - 3 year ago

How does the current Samsung flagship fare against the latest large smartphone from Apple? Here is a look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs

It’s Time to KILL the Note 7

by Techno Craft

0 views - 2 year ago

UPDATE - The Note 7 is officially dead: http://bit.ly/2dIURJZ The Galaxy Note 7 is dead, return yours. Read more on TechnoBuffalo:

Galaxy Note 7 Unboxing and Impressions!

by techrich

0 views - 2 year ago

Finally got my hands on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7! Here’s a look at what’s in the box and also a first look at some new

Death Note | Teaser [HD] | Netflix

by Flix Net

35 views - 1 year ago

What if you had the power to decide who lives and who dies? We suggest you obey the rules. Based on the famous Japanese manga written by

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Hands On

by PrimitiveTechnology

42 views - 2 year ago

Xiaomi’s Mi Note 2 might take inspiration from multiple places, but it all might make for a package that is hard to pass up.

This Is Why the Note 7 EXPLODED

by PrimitiveTechnology

0 views - 2 year ago

Galaxy Note 7 Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CydiCF4diCQ Samsung has now confirmed the findings of an internal investigation into

Samsung's Explosion-Proof Note 7 Return Packaging

by Video Bucket

0 views - 2 year ago

We received this package from Samsung at XDA HQ to use to return our Note 7. It contains gloves, a thermal-insulated box, and detailed

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Drop Test!

by Techno Craft

0 views - 2 year ago

Does the Galaxy Note 7 withstand our traditional drop test - including a second tier test at a bigger height - and how does it compare to

Android Authority Reacts to the Discontinued Note 7

by PrimitiveTechnology

5 views - 2 year ago

Josh, Joe, Lanh, and John V. all react to the news that the Note 7 has been officially and completely discontinued. Music by Birocratic -

LG V20, G5, Note 7, S7 Edge: Display Showdown!

by Techno Craft

43 views - 2 year ago

Join us as we take a closer look at the LG V20 display, while comparing it to some of the other great flagships currently on the market.

LG V20 Review: An (almost) Worthy Note 7 Replacement?

by future world

92 views - 2 year ago

LG’s V20 is its second phone to feature a secondary display above the main one - so how much have they fiddled with the design, and more

Galaxy Note 7: First 10 Things to Do!

by techrich

0 views - 2 year ago

Before our Galaxy Note 7 review arrives, some of you are just now getting your hands on the phone, so we want to give you the first 10

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