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Upload 360-degree Videos offers uploading and playback of 360 ° videos which have a scope of recording immersive spherical views. In order to view and upload 360 ° videos on, latest versions of Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, MS Edge or Mobile phone application is required.

Moreover, uploading of 360° videos on is accomplished through certain steps involving file modifications with an app or script software before uploading.

As a way to this experience, first of all the user is required to create the video using 360° cameras which are compatible with and easily available. gives a list of advanced specifications which could help the user to encode the video at a high resolution. Currently, 360° videos with 24, 25 or 30 frames per second is supported by An aspect ratio of 2:1 in equirectangular format while uploading 360° videos is recommended.

Another option available to create 360° videos is using custom camera rigs and third party stitching software such as "Kolor autopano".

Secondly, the video needs to go under some preparation procedures before being uploaded. To carry this out, the video needs to contain some Metadata to enable playback. With the help of installing specific applications, the metadata is presented in a new file.

To go about these preparations, Metadata app for Mac or Windows needs to be downloaded. The file is then needed to be unzipped and opened in Metadata app. Using Mac, the user may need to click on the right click and then select the video and checkbox for spherical and click save as. A file name would then be created to save the file automatically in the place of the original file. This new file could then be uploaded on and the 360o° effect may take about an hour to process.

Finally, before publishing the video, it could be verified if the video has 360° effects using the playback option enabled by viewing the video on the computer first. It may take up to about an hour for the playback to be available.

There's a pan button available on the top left in 360° videos which can be rotated using WASD keys so the user could look for these features videos to confirm 360° effects.

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