Download and install server (apache), database (mysql) and php (easyphp) for windows (xp and up)

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Easyphp is software that bundles an apache web server with php and a mysql database server.
This annotated video shows how to find, download and install easyphp. This real time installation was performed on an eight year old acer aspire 1310 laptop with 512 Mb RAM. Thus, a bit slow. (Looking for a house near Amsterdam?

EasyPHP allows quick-and-easy development of PHP and MySQL on a localhost ( The package includes an Apache server, a MySQL database, and the PHP extension.

The software is deployable either on your PC or your USB drive.

EasyPHP comes with modules like WordPress, Spip, Prestashop, Drupal, Joomla, etc.
Modules are installed automatically in the "modules" folder of EasyPHP.

I started using easyphp back in 2002 because it allows off line testing and development of interactive database driven websites using php/mysql technology. At the time, this was not possible with asp/access technology.

For an example of the use of easyphp, see (Create website (local and remote) with easyphp, pspad and filezilla).

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