over 1500 iraqi soldiers captured and execute by Islamic State by horrible way

Published 6 years ago

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INFO please READ: the new video of islamic state.
35 minutes brutal footage of islamic state the Chalipate state.
this video shows how they capture iraqi soldiers, kill and execute.
how they storm the army base in samra. You find emotional footage and more. this video is a must see - to know more about the islamic state.
everything is blurred because youtube dont allow footage like this.
please leave this video if you are under 18. we do the best to edit this footage to archive this video on youtube. we edit many small videos from this 35 minutes.

Daily News about the WARs in the Arab States.
Read: AllEyesOnSyria is not a shocker Channel and
we do not want you entertain. We document the war in the Arab countries (Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Egypt). these videos are not intended to shock, we only want to inform. Please note we archive these videos on Youtube for all Time. it will be one day historically. we obey the rules of youtube and are forced videos to retouch and edit - so these Videos are edit, blurred and cutted only if the video is brutal. Our viewers are over 18 and we blurred these videos for all the people under 18.

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