Adat Instrumental/Bhanwary feat. Goher Mumtaz NESCAFE Basement Season 5 2019

Published a year ago


The melody that has ruled the hearts of billions all over the world, Aadat marks its 15 years of love and adoration from its fans and listeners with our instrumental and orchestral take on it. Watch and listen as we take you on a nostalgic trip featuring the one and only Goher Mumtaz.

Music Produced by: Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan – Xulfi
Aadat Instrumental, Bhanwaray, Har Jagah Hai Jal - Composed and Written by Goher Mumtaz
“Aadat” Originally sung by Atif Aslam

Patari Audio:

Performed and Recorded Live
Vocals & Guitars: Goher Mumtaz
Electric Guitar: Adil Azhar Bhatty
Electric Guitar: Hasan Zafar
Electric Guitar: Sherry Khattak
Acoustic Guitar: Haroon Leo
Acoustic Guitar: Melvin Arthur
Classical Guitar: Sulaeyman Khan
Bass Guitar: Waleed Attique
Mandolin: Muzamil Hussain
Sitar: Muhammad Effendi
Saxophone: Aadesh Kumar
Saxophone: Joshua Gill
Synth & Keys: Rafay Siddiqui
Piano: Asad Ali
Lead Violin: Sharoon Leo
Violin: Muhammad Fahad
Violin: Haider Ali
Flute: Dawood
Rubab: Wajahat Shah
Sarangi: Zohaib Hasan
Percussions: Veeru Shan
Drums: Bilawal Lahooti

Nescafe Basement Season 5 | AADAT INSTRUMENTAL | Episode 6| 2019

“Khenchi ye tujhse kismet ki lakeer

Hathon mein dikhta tha wo pyaar

Teri hi aadat kuch par si gai

Chahat ka aisa tha khumaar

Neend na aye raton mein kiun

Bichrey lamhon ko lotaa de tu

Har jaga hai JAL (x4)

Ho ho ho oo

Har jaga hai JAL

Ho oh oh oo”

AADAT (English Translation):

Drew these lines of fate from you

I could see the love in my hands

And I got so used to you

Such was the intoxication of this affection

Why did sleep elude me at nights?

Return those moments lost

Every where its ‘JAL’

Every where its ‘JAL’

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