Aap Kay Andar Ka Khazana (The Treasure Inside You) | Apni Talash | Qasim Ali Shah Ki Baatein

Published 6 months ago

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Aap Kay Andar Ka Khazana (The Treasure Inside You) | Apni Talash | Qasim Ali Shah Ki Baatein

Content of this video is taken from Qasim Ali Shah Book "Apni Talash’s" First Part (which is comprised of 25 chapters - which are selections from Qasim Ali Shah’s miscellaneous Lectures on topic of "Self Actualization"). Chapter covered in this video is "Aap Kay Andar Ka Khazana" (Sixteenth Chapter).

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34 Personality Strengths Playlist on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGjAHgv454Lj3z_GUNilbir4GaiYF0QOw

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