Change In Pakistan

Published 9 months ago

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We need to talk more about creative solutions to our problems. In this video, I will suggest a solution for bringing about a change- To begin with, the first step is to change myself.

It is an ongoing process, let us assume that I have changed, now I do not want to change others, I rather want to create a difference.

I want to work hard to achieve my goals and create a footprint for people to follow.

In a situation of war- all the authorities in Pakistan must start channelizing the youth. 50 or 55% of the total population in Pakistan are the youth.

You can ask them some valid questions like what would you do? if a bad person occupies your home? that in an illegal way

Will you give up? and leave? or would you fight back for your right?

The Kashmir Issue is a matter of Pakistan. If this issue does not get resolved in Pakistan’s favor? then there is no hope.

Kashmir is a part of Pakistan. Like Bangladesh and we have gone through so much. Especially the suicidal bomb blasts, but we have risen yet again.

Coming back to channelizing the youth, My suggestion is simple, even if the parents of some of these young people are corrupt?

the state of Pakistan can give the youth or their children a second chance by providing them with education, and opportunities.

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