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Mohamed AlShehhi - Habeitak Bi Edman - محمد الشحي - حبيتك بإدمان

Mohamed Hilal AlShehhi Born in Ras Al Khaimah, Mohammed began his ambition as an artist from a young age, where he enjoyed his high school and school activities. Mohammed Al Shehhi began his first artistic career with songs of Hirti and Sumati, Arab, Mohammed has a great voice property, He is also a composer. His singing style differs from other Emirati artists, and often combines his tunes with foreign rhythms with the UAE, which is a wonderful mix of modern. His YouTube channel has hit a record high of over 600,000 subscribers in one year. The song "Kasshf Al Mahaba", launched in 2016, is one of the reasons for his dazzling success. He has won more than 25 million hits and is on the list of the best 2016 songs.

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