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How To Use Gelatine Leaves

Gelatine is a transparent food ingredient which is derived from collagen. Gelatine is commonly used to make jelly-based desserts. In order to implement gelatine into your dessert, you will first need to soak it. At The Online Pastry School, we will teach you how to soak gelatine so you can start creating tasty desserts in your home.
There are two types of gelatine that you can buy from stores. These include powdered and sheet gelatine. If you want to soak powdered gelatine, you will first need to fill a bowl with hot water. You can then sprinkle the powdered gelatine into the water and stir until it dissolves. Lastly, you can add cold water to make jelly. If you want to soak sheet gelatine, you will have to soak the leaves in cold water to soften the gelatine. Once softened, you can remove the leaves from the water. If you want to use your gelatine with a hot liquid, simply add it in and stir. If you want to add the gelatine to cold liquid, make sure the leaves are melted first. Melt the gelatine by adding it into a saucepan and heating it gently. Once melted, add it into the cold liquid you would like to use. These are the simple steps that one should know when learning how to soak gelatine.
As you can likely tell, learning how to soak gelatine is simple. There is a lot more information about gelatine to be found in our online courses, so make sure you sign up if you are hoping to create amazing desserts. If you are just starting out in the field of baking, we highly recommend that you go through our free online pastry dictionary on our website. It will be very helpful if you associate yourself with important terms first before starting your journey to becoming a pastry chef. We hope to guide you through all the basics that every pastry chef should understand.
We aim to make your baking journey a fun and exciting experience. We not only want to help you make the finest pastry dishes, but we also want to encourage you to have fun while doing so. In addition to teaching you how to soak gelatine, we will teach you fun recipes that can be made with it. There is plenty to learn after signing up for our courses if you want to learn more in addition to how to soak gelatine.

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