Masterchef Australia 12x51 All In Elimination Classic Dishes Top 6

Published 15 days ago


MasterchefAU- All-In Elimination: Classic Dishes- All the contestants other than Laura were given the task to cook a classic dish. In Round 1 they were given the option to choose between savoury and sweet dishes. The savoury dishes consisted of Carbonara, Fish and Chips with Tartare Sauce, Seafood paella, Beef Vindaloo with Naan and Basmati rice, and Bouillabaisse with Rouille. The sweet dishes consisted of Creme Caramel, Chocolate Souffle, Apple Tarte Tatin with Ice cream, Bombe Alaska, and the Croquembouche. The three contestants with the least impressive dishes moved on to Round 2. Both Reece and Poh made a Creme Caramel, Callum made a Chocolate Souffle, Reynold and Emelia attempted a Bombe Alaska and Tessa chose to do Fish and Chips. In the end, Callum, Emelia and Reece, all nailed their deserts, with everyone else having clear flaws. Poh’s Creme Caramel was not set, Reynold’s sponge was too thick and a little dry while Tessa’s fish was overcooked. The latter three went into Round 2, in which they had to cook an innovative, inventive and delicious dish. Poh’s Dumplings in lettuce cups with Prawn Crumble was deemed the best dish, with the judges wondering why they had never eaten such a dish. Finally, it came down to Reynold’s ‘Meteor dish’ and Tessa’s Mexican- Indian inspired dish. Reynold’s sponge was too soggy, and his Mouse had an uneven texture, but the judges couldn’t see past...

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