Who Can Earn From Amazon? Is There Any Heavy Investment Required? | Sajjad Ahmad Naseer

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Sajjad Ahmad started his professional career after completing Masters in Engineering in 2004 as a Petroleum Engineer. Job was tough in nature as he has to go to remote areas from frozen seas to hot sandy deserts. This gave him opportunity to work with a lot of people from different countries and ethnicity. He has got more than 50 training’s form different countries and have trained more than 1000 professionals.
Later, he started his own Amazon business to feel the ownership and freedom. He is also making $30k+ on one of his Amazon accounts and growing rapidly! Got trained from Enablers to polish his skills in this model of business and now he has become a SUCCESSFUL AMAZON SELLER. He started from Private Label products but now doing Wholesale FBA/FBM model of business having my own Warehouse and Drop shipping in separate accounts.
Furthermore, he joined Enabler’s as Lahore Ambassador to enable people of Pakistan so they can explore this massive opportunity of selling on Amazon. Till date he is successfully training Private Label, Wholesale FBA and EBAY students in Batches and 1 to 1.

Key Points Discussed:
• Sharing his story of working in extreme conditions.
• I thought to change my earning streams.
• I had a wish to do my own business.
• How I found Enablers platform?
• The best thing about Amazon is you can work from any place.
• Journey of being a trainee to a trainer.
• Why we should prefer Enablers?
• How I launched my product on Amazon?
• I started working on Drop Shipping, Wholesale FBA and Private Label (PL).
• Before coming to interview here I worked on all my 3 accounts for just 2 Hours.
• After being successful sellers you should train others as well this our mission.
• Good thing about Saqib Azhar sab is He promote everyone who is associated with him?
• Jeff Bezos earned billions in during this COVID pandemic.

Questions Asked:
• After taking exposure from Russia, Siberia and Aramco, Why you joined Amazon in the end?
• What is the difference between Drop Shipping, Wholesale FBA and Private Label (PL)?
• How much time it took to be here?
• How much time you worked in the beginning and how much time you spent on it now?
• Why I Joined Enablers?
• Who can join Amazon? Is there any heavy investment required?

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Who is Qasim Ali Shah
Qasim Ali Shah is not a speaker but a doer. He followed his passions and proving himself as a successful entrepreneur, an inspiring academician, a best-selling author, a philanthropist and an influential trainer. In a very sort of time, his videos got viral on YouTube, whats app, Facebook he has millions of followers on social media. His live audience whom he has trained is approximately ten millions. He has written hundreds of articles for several newspapers. Hundreds of articles, blogs and podcasts have been written on his works and achievements at national and international level.

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