What is a BIN - Bank Identification Number

Published a month ago


The card number stores quite a lot of information:

- The first digit is the payment system code.
- The first 6 digits are the BIN or Bank Identification Number.
- The 7th and 8th digits are the product coding.
- From 7 to 15 digits - account number coding of the credit institution.

But how to find out and identify the bank by the card number? - To do this, the so-called BIK card or the first 6 digits are usually used. Exactly on these you can determine the name of the credit institution, the region and the country of issue of the card.

What is it for

Often you need it to determine the amount of the fee. Since the issuing bank may charge a certain percentage for this procedure. Also you should understand that in this case there will be some delay in the transfer.

If you transfer funds between the cards of one banking institution, the money usually comes instantly, but the transfer to other credit companies may be delayed for up to a week. Some major virtual cards may charge a large transfer fee.

How to check and find?

To find out what the card belongs to you need to refer to Find My Bin (findmybin.com):

- Go to the site of the service.
- Next, in the top search box, enter the first 6 digits of the plastic.
- Then do not click anything and wait until the number appears just below and click on it.
- In a few seconds you will be redirected to a new page with full information on this card.

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