Modi Disaster For Humanity

Published 2 months ago


•India struggles to contain an unprecedented surge in coronavirus cases because of Modi’s incompetency and complacency
•Ferocious Covid wave has sparked health crisis and human tragedy in India
•Patients are dying while their families search in vain for hospital beds and oxygen across India
•Mismanagement of Modi: People in world dying but countries sent oxygen to India. Where did it go?
•24 patients recently died of in a hospital in India’s Karnataka state due to oxygen shortage
•Crematoriums and burial grounds cannot cope with the sheer number of corpses as deaths are soaring due to Covid-19
•Images of hospitals overflowing with the sick and dying are flooding social media amid devastating Covid wave in India
•Kashmiris are facing shortage of vaccines as Modi has stopped supply of vaccines to IIOJK
•India and IIOJK are facing shortage of oxygen and vaccines because of Modi’s incompetency and his lack of regard for human lives
•Modi and his BJP have been accused of prioritising domestic politics over public health amid Covid crisis
•India’s Modi is scorned over reckless poll rallies, Hindu religious gathering Kumbh Mela amid growing Covid wave
•Modi’s govt has sought to block some recent criticism of its response to virus on Twitter by blocking social media accounts
•Only 2 months ago, Modi was revelling in his govt’s success of reining in the spread of the virus. Now it is reporting about 4 lac infections and nearly 4000 deaths a day.
•Hashtags like #ModiMadeDisaster and #ModiResign were popular on social media amid surge in Covid infections in India
•Covid mayhem in India: Medical staff and the public alike are seen making desperate appeals for oxygen supplies across Indian cities
•India is currently recording more new cases of coronavirus than any other country of the world
•As Covid sweeps India, experts say cases and deaths are going underreported across the country
•“As Covid-19 Devastates India, Deaths Go Undercounted” reads the headline of a report published by The New York Times last week
•Prevailing Covid conditions prove Modi has failed as PM: Indian Medical Association national vice president Dr. NS Dahiya

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