Unending Repression Amid Covid In IIOJK

Published a month ago


•There is no let up in Indian repression in IIOJK despite surging Covid wave
•Modi led Indian regime has unleashed new wave of state terrorism in IIOJK amid Covid pandemic
•Indian troops are enjoying free hand to kill innocent Kashmiris
•2 Kashmiri youth were killed by Indian troops in Sopore on Tuesday night
•95,776 people have been killed by the occupational troops since Jan 1989 till date in IIOJK
•Indian troops are harassing Kashmiris in the name of so-called cordon and search operations
•Modi virus is more dangerous than Coronavirus for the Kashmriis
•India is using Covid-19 to intensify its military siege of IIOJK
•Indian govt is shifting IIOJK political detainees to Indian jails amid spiraling Corona wave in India
•At least 31 Kashmiri detainees have been shifted from IIOJK jails to Karnal jail in India’s Haryana state where Covid is on peak
•Modi regime is implementing its unlawful actions in IIOJK when world is busy fighting Corona
•Fascist Modi is exploiting the devastating Covid-19 pandemic to further its expansionist designs in IIOJK
•BJP led Indian regime has unleashed a dismissal spree to get rid of Kashmiri Muslim employees to advance its nefarious agenda in IIOJK
•3 Kashmiri Muslim employees have recently been dismissed from services with the aim to thrust a Hindu majority bureaucracy in IIOJK
•Global community must wake up and respond to SOS calls from IIOJK
•World must come forward to take notice of Modi led Indian govt’s draconian measures in IIOJK

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